Meet the Principal

I am delighted to welcome you to Reed Elementary School!I am very proud to be the principal here at Reed, a wonderful and successful school that fosters an open and engaging community and has become a home away from home for many. A key to Reed’s success is the collaboration and commitment of the staff, parents, and students and the fact that each of us views Reed as “my school.” Those affiliated with Reed take much pride in working together as a Professional Learning Community (PLC) to meet the needs of our students. The main pillars of a PLC are to work collaboratively, make data-informed decisions and focus on student achievement. At Reed, not only do we focus on students’ academic needs, but we also believe that students’ emotional and social needs are equally important. We spend much time and effort teaching life skills, acknowledging character traits and celebrating diversity.Now that I have described some of what makes Reed Elementary School so special, I’d like to share a little information about myself. I have a wonderful wife named Lisa, whose most endearing quality is that she loves people. She is also an elementary school teacher. Like many of you, I am a proud parent; I have a son named Evan and a daughter named Marisa. I treasure every moment we spend together.

I truly believe that successful schools are built upon strong, trusting relationships. Therefore, I strive to utilize the experts of all Reed’s educators (staff, parents, and community members) to meet our students’ needs.

I have high expectations of our students, higher expectations of our staff, and the highest expectations of myself. As a parent of two children, former classroom teacher, and now principal, I truly understand the value of an exceptional education and the significance of school, home, and students working together. Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions, comments, or concerns.

Dr. Chris Schreiner
(314) 991-1456


Meet the Assistant Principal

Mrs. La’Kendra Garrett will be Reed’s Assistant Principal.  We will share Mrs. Garrett with Old Bonhomme Elementary.  Mrs. Garrett has an extensive educational background.  Mrs. Garrett earned her bachelor’s degree in Elementary Education from South Carolina State University.  She earned the first of her two master’s degrees in Divergent Thinking at Columbia College.  She earned her second master’s degree in Leadership and Educational Administration Educational Specialist degree from Capella University.  She expects to earn her doctorate degree in Teaching and Learning from Missouri Baptist University in 2022.  Mrs. Garrett has taught first, fourth, and sixth grades for the past thirteen years spanning several schools and across two states.  Two of those years she served as a Master Teacher where she analyzed data, planned and facilitated professional development, and evaluated and coached teachers on effective instructional practices.