COVID-19 Resources


If your child is in a crisis or emergency situation please call 911, or one of the following recommended hotline numbers for assistance and support 24/7:

STL County Youth Connection Helpline :314-819-8802 or Toll Free 1-844-985-8282

Text: BHEARD to 31658 or click here to WEB CHAT

National Suicide Prevention Lifeline :800-273-8255


In this unprecedented time resources become most valuable.  We have provided a list of resources below, which is by no means exhaustive. You can always reach out to your school counselors at any time. We can help connect you to resources, including the district’s breakfast & lunch program (delivery or pick up), social worker, and behavior interventionist.

Utilities Assistance – St. Louis County
Rent Assistance  – St. Louis County
Food Assistance – St. Louis County
JFCS Food Pantry

Mental Health Services
St. Louis County Comprehensive Guide
Behavioral Health Response (BHR) 
JFCS – Counseling Services – Children and Adolescents
JFCS – Counseling Services – Adult

General Information For St. Louis County
St. Louis County  – COVID-19 & Coronavirus – What you need to know

Thoughts about the News 
Be Careful Where You Get Your News  – Harvard Health Publishing
MythBusters  – the WHO
Teaching Kids Media Smarts During Breaking News – Common Sense Media

Regulating Emotions
Regulating Emotions In a Covid-19 World –
Supporting Learning and Well-Being During the Coronavirus Crisis 
Virus Anxiety – A project by Shine
School Cancellations and Trauma – Starr Commonwealth
Psychological Tips for Children and Adolescents’ Emotions – University of Verona
Resources for Supporting Children’s Emotional Well Being During COVID-19 Pandemic – Child Trends
Helping Kids Cope in Uncertain Times – Whole Child Counseling
Caring for You and Your Family’s Stress – Whole Child Counseling

Parenting Sources – General
A Guide to Keeping Your Child Safe and Reassured as Coronavirus Spreads – CNN News 
Resources for Families – Common Sense Media
How to Talk to Your Kids about Coronavirus – PBS
Social Emotional Learning Supports Around COVID-19 – SEL4US
How to Plan Your Kids’ Schedule During School Closure – Whole Child Counseling

For Kids
Just for Kids – A comic Exploring the New Coronavirus – The comic is cute and fun to make, but the 3 minute NPR audio is great for kids
The Imagination Neighborhood
Meditation Apps – Common Sense Media
The Yucky Bug by Julia Cook
Coronavirus and Kids: The Science of Soap – But Why? A Podcast for Curious Kids
Boredom Busters – Whole Child Counseling
Caring For Each Other – Sesame Street
The Story of the Oyster and the Butterfly: The Coronavirus and Me – An interactive, downloadable book by Ana M. Gomez
The Moodsters -First Aid for Feelings  – A workbook to help kids cope during the coronavirus pandemic