Choosing Healthy Snacks for School

What kid doesn’t love snack time? For some kids it’s a brief break from the monotony of the day. For others it provides a little bit of nourishment to get them through until their next meal. Here at Reed we encourage students to bring fresh fruits and veggies everyday for snacks. Fresh fruits and vegetables provide us with the vitamins and nutrients we need to stay healthy, focus, and be our best selves. Here are the guidelines for snacks here at Reed as well as the the Ladue School District Healthy Snack Guidelines. Happy snacking!


Reed Snack Guidelines 


All classrooms school wide will now be eating a daily snack. Help us by following these guidelines and sending a safe snack each day. 


  • All snacks must be peanut & tree nut free. This rule includes may contain and processed in a facility with nuts. 
  • All classrooms are “nut free” and may have more restrictions depending on specific allergies (wheat, soy, dairy, etc). 
  • All snacks, with the exception of fresh fruits and veggies, must have an ingredient list attached. 
    • Many snacks can be purchased in small snack size packs with ingredient label. 
    • If you send snacks in an unmarked baggie, you must send in a copy of the original package’s ingredient list. 
  • It is the classroom teacher’s responsibility to check ingredient labels to ensure the safety of each student. 
  • If a student forgets a safe snack, Nurse Engelmeyer and Mrs. Gartenberg will have fresh fruit available. A note will be sent home informing parents of provided snack. 
  • No food/snack allowed in special area classes.